About Cebu, Philippines

About Cebu, Philippines

Geography and Nature

Cebu is an elongated island some 250 kilometers from North to South and 45 kilometers across at its widest point. It is central to the Philippine archipelago and some 600 kilometers south of Manila. This location combined with a sheltered deep water harbor has made Cebu the base for most of the country's domestic shipping and the gateway to the central and southern Philippines. The island's area of 5,000 square kilometers supports over 3 million people of whom 1.5 million live in Metro Cebu.

Living in Cebu

The quality of life is an important factor people consider when they decide to settle in Cebu. Quality housing is abundant in Cebu and rentals are less expensive than other cities in the region. Normal power, water and communications including IDD telephone lines, mobile phone services and cable TV are available. Health care is of a high standard, with well qualified doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses on call. State of the art medical diagnostic equipment is used in Cebu's hospitals. The education system is good with excellent schools to tertiary levels. Many Cebu universities are of an international standard. Fresh foods arrive daily thanks to the multiple shipping and air links between Cebu and the rest of the world. The variety of goods available ensures international standard shopping with competitive prices. The cosmopolitan nature of the population is reflected in the restaurants and clubs in the city, offering an exciting choice of dining and entertainment. Public transport is plentiful but crowded and many residents prefer to drive their own vehicles. A new computerized traffic control system speeds traffic through the city, even in peak hour periods.

Sports and Leisure

Cebu is an island of wide choice and contrast. Scuba diving in a coral wonderland, hiking or mountain bike riding in the hills. The door is open. Excellent golf courses, jet skis, sail boards and boating facilities are widely available. If you wish to be pampered, there is a remarkable choice of world class resorts within easy reach for a quick weekend away. For the indoor enthusiast, the latest computerized ten pin bowling rinks or air conditioned squash courts beckon. Music is of a high standard and teaching of traditional and classical instruments is readily available. The importance to executives and workers of recreation facilities cannot be overemphasized. Cebu ensures every need is satisfied.

International Community

People from all over the world have made Cebu their home. Some come here to retire, to spend their golden years in a tropical paradise by the sea. Others come here for business, then return with their families to enjoy the relaxed tropical lifestyle. Cebu is an easy place to adapt to. Chinese form the biggest ethnic group, followed by Americans, Koreans, British, Germans, Australians, Indians, Japanese and Pakistanis. There are also small numbers of people from Western Europe and surrounding Asian countries. An International school provides western curricula that is accredited in the USA and Europe up to Tertiary level.

Transportation and Communication

Transport is an essential component of industry and tourism. Today, nearly 8 km. of shipping berths line Cebu's deep water port area, now the largest outside Manila. Efficient container handling, trucking and storage are available. The modern Mactan international airport is a major international gateway with direct flights to many countries. B747-400 aircraft at maximum takeoff weight can use the airport in all weathers. Cebu's modern communications links utilize satellites, cellular telephone networks and routine land based telephone services. High quality broad band links and IDD services are available and compatible with systems worldwide. Direct links are maintained with over 116 countries. Cebu has a very high density of computer installations, and full access to the internet. Radio and television broadcast services are popular advertising mediums. Cable TV is installed over a wide area. The government postal service is efficient and is supplemented by established courier companies. Most international and local courier companies have offices in Cebu.


The Visayas island group to which Cebu belongs has three main power baseloads which are interconnected into one grid with a capacity of over 2,200MW of electricity. The main source is geothermal energy, supplemented by thermal and diesel generating plants. These sources provide Cebu with predictable 220V AC electricity at stable prices. Potable water is abundant in most areas, with ongoing infrastructure projects providing a very significant increase in water supplies to keep pace with the growing needs of industry. The road and bridge system is undergoing a substantial upgrade to bring the road transport system into the 21st century.


Cebu is the gateway to around two thirds of the Philippines' tourist destinations. It is the primary destination of approximately 50% of the Philippines' foreign visitors. Superb destinations, low operating costs and excellent government administration support favor the development of new destinations which are serviced from Cebu. Almost 3000 new rooms are planned to open within 2 years. There are opportunities for ocean and land recreation, transportation, information marketing, and tourism related developments such as mountain resorts, hotels and golf courses. Cebu's present dive and beach destinations represent an investment value of hundreds of millions of dollars. After their arrival, travelers retrace historic journeys, play golf, hike mountain trails, laze on pristine white sands and dive on offshore coral reefs that equal the very best anywhere. Cebu's attractions make it the Philippines' premier tourist destinations.

 Cebu as an Investment Destination:Why CEBU?
- It is not just a promise or potential, Cebu is demonstrated capability with an excellent economic track record.
- It is the second largest city and fastest growing economy in the Philippines.
- Cebu’s export growth rate for the past 5 years has averaged close to 20% considerably higher than that of the country and any other province  in the Philippines.
- It leads the country in export items such as furniture, fashion accessories, carrageenan and gifts, toys and housewares.
- It is the most accessible place in the Philippines, with more domestic air and sea linkages than Manila.
- Cebu is base to over 80% of inter-island shipping capacity in the Philippines.
- Cebu is the Tourism Gateway for the Central and Southern Philippines.
- It is not in an earthquake zone or typhoon belt, nor are there volcanoes in the island.
- Cebu has one of the best records for peace & order in the country.
- Its labor force is oriented towards non-agricultural lines and is one of the most productive in the country.
- The development of its infrastructure is balanced; it has all the ingredients necessary to be competitive and sustain investments. It is a cosmopolitan area with all the support facilities and amenities needed for an ideal lifestyle.

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